Although I'm new to all of this, I am finding your products to be most sensational. The traditional attar's is easy to work with and the fragrance is just wonderful The Customer Service is terrific and everyone at the office made my panic purchase much easier and dare I say, delightful.”

Steve Akins. Hamilton, Ontario.

“Thank you for the prompt response to my recent order! I really appreciate your timely response to my email inquiry when I asked if you had received my order and the quick response in completing the order once it had been received. I am enjoying the oils and the prices for your products are great considering the excellent quality of the products. I look forward to ordering from you company again in the near future.”

Renee Galloway. Richmond, Virgina. 

“I like the products. The perfume oils smell soooooo good! Also, I got way more product than I expected for the money I am mostly impressed with the great care with which everything was wrapped as to not get damaged, in anyway, when shipped. It shows you care about your products and take good care of them, as well as they will take care of me.”

Barbara Luke. Arvada, Colorado.

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Jasmine Perfume Oil - Natural Jasmine Flower Perfume


Jasmine Perfume
Jasmine Perfume
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15 ML Jasmine Perfume Oil

USD 20.00

3 ml Sandalwood Perfume


Jasmine Oil
Jasmine Perfume
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10 ML Jasmine Perfume Oil

USD 25.00

3 ml Rose Perfume Oil


jasmine perfume bottle
Jasmine Perfume
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10 ML Jasmine Perfume Oil

USD 22.00

3 ml Jasmine Perfume Oil



jasmine flower, jasmine, jasmine perfume

Jasmine: A Splendiferous Look Back
Jasmines are originated from Himalayan ranges commonly shared by India and China. Indians really loved and adored the flowers for its magnetic affect and essence. In India, jasmines became part of rituals and every merry occasion. Even Chinese and other parts of the world gave jasmine a high honor and treated as flower for happiness and joy. Ancient medical methodologies identified the significance of Jasmines’ nutrients. Ayurveda, Ancient Chinese or any other treatments, jasmines were used as the perfect panacea. Since hundreds of year, jasmine has been with us and luring the mankind with its magnificent scents and uses.

Jasmine: Erotic Flower 
Jasmines’ scents can captivate anyone. And that’s why; jasmines have been paradigm of seductions and erotica. Men and Women both use the fragrance of jasmines to tempt each other and have the best pleasures. It is said that jasmines have the best arousal power. People seeking a fresh revival for their intimate times must use jasmines and its fragrances.

Jasmine: The Best Herbal Remedy
Since ages, people had the knowledge of remedial benefits of jasmines. This is a special flower that has been gifted to the mankind in terms of health. Jasmines are treated as the best aphrodisiac and calmative. The leaves and roots of the flowers have also been found beneficial. Jasmines and its extracts can cure:

  • tension
  • anxiety
  • easing depression
  • exhaustion
  • stress relief
  • conjunctivitis
  • cancer
  • dermatitis
  • headaches
  • dry skin
  • and many more

Jasmines and Its Multifarious Uses
Jasmine flowers are used for making herbal teas and drinks. One gets mentally refreshment and energized after its intake. Jasmines oils are used as hair oils and body massage oil. It is the most demanded flower oil for aromatherapy and spas. In addition, jasmine perfumes are also in fashion. Men or women its perfumes are pretty popular.

Along with above, jasmines are perfect ingredient for scented candles. Colorful candles with jasmine fragrance really create a wonderful ambience. Decorations and any occasions are pretty incomplete without jasmine flowers and their fragrance.


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